Pony Hayvin Ranch Reading Challenge

Pony Hayvin Ranch Wild West Book Club is rounding-up ALL students to sign-up for a Reading Challenge. This is the coolest reading program around!

What is a Wild West Reading Challenge?
Wild West reading challenge is a literacy program that gives kids of all ages an opportunity to win prizes, meet new friends, attend a book club ranch play days (1 per month)

How does the Wild West Reading Challenge Work?
Students must complete 1,000 pages read during the 5 month-long reading challenge.

A Wrangler "Retell" form is to be completed for each book read.

100% of participication will earn a prize.

This program has a $200.00 participating fee with (Multiple Student Discount). The book club membership can be paid with home school student instructional funds or out of pocket (see Payment page for Fee Discounts & Payment Options), which includes a:

  • Membership Card
  • Ranch Book Marks
  • Pony "stuff" Animal
  • (5) Book Club MEMBER ONLY Play-Days at the ranch (which will include ranch games, horsey crafts, ranch movie night, meet the ponies and much more!)

How to register?

To register, please fill out the sign-up form (below) with the reader's information and we will be in touch.   To pay, please go to our Payment PageNOTE, if you are planning to use charter school funds, please add that in the comments field below and do NOT use the payment page.  Thanks!!!

Thank you for your interest!